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    Invisible Face Lifting Tape Set

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    Naturally lifts and tightens skin instantly! Achieve V-Face and look younger in just a seconds.

    The face lift tape is designed to provide an instant lift on the skin imperfections around the ace area. It will make an instant lift for your face, and also make your face outline becomes more obvious

     Seriously, it takes me from 56 years old back to 40. Yes, that’s what I said!, im 56 and my age was guessed at 38. It makes such a difference that I was accused of having a facelift! Pulls back all the excess skin and holds ALL DAY and even overnight if you can stand to wear them that long(I can’t). I personally take them off every evening just before bed.For those who say they don’t stick, YES THEY DO, but there’s a trick to it. The secret is to both cleanse your face, then use an alcohol swab to remove the natural facial oils(just in the areas where the tape will be applied). Apply immediately afterwards. They stick so well, in fact, that they’ll take your skin off with them if you try to force them off at the end of the day.  As stated before, these work best on faces with thin, aging and sagging skin. Also, this tape is transparent and almost disappears on the skin…almost, but not completely.
    -Ginger Kurts 56 y/o
    It stretches my jowls and erases my marionette lines - I love it! I really like using these. They are not visible and my face looks great. I’m 71 yrs. old and as you can tell by my picture I do not look it.
    -Valeria Weeks 71 y/o


    • Instant Face Lift and Firm Skin - Effectively enhances and frames the face, thins chin and face, create a V-shape face.

    • Effectively correct droopy eyesIt will make an instant lift for your eyes and  faces, and also make your face outline becomes more obvious.

    • Achieve slimmer jawline Simply stick the face lift tape to the area of skin that needs to be lifted for quick results and firmer-looking skin. Lasts up to 8 hours.

    • Invisible Sticker
    • Lightweight and breathable
    • Wrinkle-free face
    • Sticks on skin all day
    • Easy to use and to remove

    How to use:
    1. Clean your face so the tape will attach to skin firmly
    2. Generally stick close to the ear near the better, and then covered with hair will be completely invisible!
    3. Press 1 while lifting the skin (do not be overly hard to lift, will not stick tightly fall off), and then pull tight 2 stick.
    4. Press 1 and 2 fixed 3 seconds, it is best to wait 3 minutes before removing the blue arrow protective film.

    Style A - Adhesive Tape 40PCS/80PCS
    Style B - Adhesive Tape with Strap & Hook 40PCS/80PCS



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