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    24K Gold Collagen Ampoule Lifting Serum

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    Helps your skin against multiple signs of ageing!

    Gold is a powerful anti-wrinkle mineral for healthier and faster cell growth. By refining it into nano particles, our serum has introduced a brand new way to let your skin actually absorb the gold particles for its amazing benefits! 

    This 24K Gold Collagen Ampoule Lifting Serum is a natural antioxidant to protect skin from radiation, promote cell metabolism and regeneration, accelerate collagen synthesis and growth, effectively reactivates skin cell to restore skin smoothness and return the radiance to your skin.

    This serum is also one of the fan favorite moisturizer with added anti-aging benefits for all skin types! The pure 24k Gold Flakes is refined into nano particles to enable fast absorption right into the deep layers of your skin, leaving your skin with a  naturally radiant finish! 

    Belinda George of age 56 submitted this photo on her journey with 24K Gold Collagen Ampoule Lifting Serum after using for 8 weeks. Congrats on the success!

    “I don't think I could be so confident and comfortable with my own body ever since I was 30. I've tried so many serums in the market but none work remotely as good as this one“ 


    Belinda George

    Sacramento, California

    Gold Essence

    24k pure gold nano foil is broken down and refined in our laboratory with SpecNanolise technology so that the 24k gold can instantly penetrate into the depth of the pore for powerful revitalise and rejuvenation of your skin. Gold foil accelerates skin's absorption of essence and strengthens skin's natural antioxidant ability, protecting itself from the damage of external pollution and ageing. 

    24K Gold Collagen Ampoule Lifting Serum is created with ingredients with powerful benefiting properties that can effectively tighten skin to reduce the wrinkles, replenish skin moisture, and nourish the skin.‌‌‌‌

    The 24K gold foil processed by using SpecNanolise technology is a natural refined antioxidant that can be easily absorbed by your skin. The anion it released can reduce the free radicals, slow down the aging, and enhance the innate resilience of your skin.

    Our 24k Gold Essence can reduce peroxides and free radicals building up in your system, increase the vitality of skin cells, ejects any impurities built up in your skin and delay skin aging! 

    ULTRA-EFFICIENT MOISTURIZING. The hyaluronic acid in our serum provides a powerful moisturizing experience to your delicate skin. The unique nourishing and moisturizing formula can effectively improve any signs of dryness, roughness, and dullness in skin.This organic moisturizing serum soothes any irritation of your skin while helping to balance oily skin tones. Reduce redness, calm inflammation, provide proper moisture.

    What makes 24K Gold Collagen Ampoule Lifting Serum special:

    Minimizes Wrinkles:

    The most potent wrinkle reduction benefits among non-RX grade cosmetic skin care products.

    Age Rewind:

    Regain the skin elasticity and visible result after applying for 4 weeks.

    Supports Young Look on Skin:

    Reduces the contraction frequency of muscle cells on the face, thereby decreasing the appearance of the expression line.

    Lift & Tighten:

    Immediately moisturize and fill wrinkle, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentations with visible results after first application.


    Formulated with natural ingredients that contain no parabens, coloring, pthalates, and parfum.


    Formulated to suit the needs for all skin types, our product is built with a deeply moisturizng and smoonthening powerful with a quick absorption for your skin, making it easily feathery light and weightless to wear on your skin even for oily skin types. 


    Here are some of our happy customers:


    Product Specifications


    Net Content: 30ml

    Shelf Life: 3 Years


    • 1 Bottle 24K Gold Collagen Ampoule Lifting Serum

    • 2 Bottles 24K Gold Collagen Ampoule Lifting Serum

    • 5 Bottles 24K Gold Collagen Ampoule Lifting Serum



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