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    PlumpER Breast Enhancement Cream

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    Grown a whole cup size, to make the bust lifted and round the Healthier Way!

    Nicole, of age 29 submitted this photo on her journey and shared her story on how PlumpER Breast Enhancement Cream to took back her confidence!

    My boyfriend BROKE UP me because he said I got the "pancake boobs". I swore I'll make him regret his decision to the core. Before jumping down this hole, I did my research and decided against intrusive boob jobs. Because I found this! This effect here took me a little less than 5 months. I only used it once a day in the mornings, so it probably would've worked faster if I used it more. I went from a A to a C. If you're looking for a better way to enhance your breasts, I definitely would recommend this!

    Nicole Sorensen (29) Las Vegas, Nevada

    Jennifer, 37 who have saggy breast after 2 pregnancy and shared her story how PlumpER Breast Enhancement Cream lifting her breast

    "So .. totally honest review because I know there are women like me searching endlessly for products from God to fix saggy breasts, I have 2 kids and my 2nd one was born 5 weeks ago . I did NOT breastfeed , but since I had her I have been doing a weightloss program and I've lost 55lbs which includes saggy skin. I had the most volume loss and even with doing that my boobs have went up a whole cup size. I'm happy this cream make my breast larger then D cups. PlumpER cream has boosted my confidence by loads in using it there once a day. So I am definitely repurchasing for that !" - Jennifer Bell, 34

     Flat and glands make up the majority of the human breasts. The fatty layers are added to your breast with this PlumpER Breast Enhancement Cream. It works by stimulating the formation of fatty cells in the area around the breast. As a result, your breast appear to be larger, firmer and lifted. 

    Consist of 2 Key Ingredients For Breast Enhancement

    1. Pueraria Mirifica

    Pueraria mirifica is a plant native, it contains phytoestrogens, compounds that have estrogen-like effects that is effective to help increase the development of breast tissue and improve the breast firmness. Also it has vitamin A to smoother the breast skin, keeping the breast shape lift up.

    2. Royal Jelly

    Royal jelly contains water, carbs, protein, fat, B vitamins and trace minerals, providing all the vital nutrients to support and fuel the redevelopment and firming of the breast area. It allows the breast tissue to firm up from inside out, so that the look of the breast area tissue appears full and plump at every angles. 


    Other Natural Ingredient: Sodium Hydroxide, GrapeFruit Oil, Jojoba Oil


    "I've been having saggy breasts. I was looking for a cream to help with the sagging of my breast until then. I wore a 36A and now I wear a 36C after use this cream. 100% right hand to God it works! "

    "It easily and quickly absorbs into skin. I have my doubts when it comes to this cream but I'm determined to test it out. It has a slight warming sensation that just feels very comfortable and relaxing when put on. No tingling, no discomfort. It feels like a really comfy moisturizer also so I'm going to stick with it. "

    "Into my fourth week, some really promising results are starting to bloom... I used to wear a little A cup back then and now my old camis are barely fitting for my girls now... They are looking plump and luscious! I'm even more motivated to carry on my journey with this right now! "

    "At this point all of my doubts are gone! I have to reload on a bunch of new bras because my old small bras just won't fit anymore! The girls have grown so much than a few weeks ago and they don't look or fee saggy at all too! They're soft, full-looking good girls. I'm so glad I found this instead of going under the knife to get boob jobs done! "

     "PlumpER made a complete believer out of me! 12 weeks in and I'm officially bikini season-ready! My breast are looking and feeling better than ever! This cream is a gift sent by God himself to save my flat chest! I've ever felt more confident and comfortable in my own body now!" - Angela Wilson, 28

    What makes PlumpER Breast Enhancement Cream special:

    - Increase breast fulless from 30A to 32C
    - Improve breast firmness
    - Lift Up the saggy breast
    - Smooth breast area skin
    - 100% Natural Ingredient
    - Accelerate the cell activation of the whole breast

    Here are some of our happy customers: 

    "I am a transgender woman, and I've been taking prescribed hormones from my doctor. I used to have what I've always called mosquito bites, and a completely flat chest, and wasn't expecting much to be honest. It's 2 months later, and these have increased my breast size by 2 cups so far! I'm so happy! These really do work! If anything else happens I'll let you know! :) " - Christie R, 33

    "After working out more consistently, and making sure that I’m staying hydrated daily, I can definitely see the difference that this cream makes. You have to use it twice a day consistently, and it works! Enough of a difference that I’m going to be buying this again!"  - Sarah C, 28

    How to Use

    1. Take an PlumpER Breast Enhancement Cream
    2. Apply it to whole breast area
    3. Massage in a circular motion for 3-5 mins

    Note: Used twice daily (morning & night)


    • Net Weight: 50g
    • Shelf life: 3 years

    Product Includes

    • 1*PlumpER Breast Enhancement Cream



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