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    Shiai™ Detoxify Wormwood Anti Swelling Foot Patch

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    Do You Know Your Body May Be Full of Toxins?


    • Brain Fog
    • Irritability
    • Exhaustion
    • Stress Induced Muscle Aches
    • Inability to Concentrate
    • Anxiety
    • Restlessness
    • And Many More Problems

    Improve your body and mind with an all-natural Thai solution!

    • Traditional Wisdom
      Inspired by Centuries-old traditional knowledge, passed on by generations. True trust is earned by passing a test of time. PureDetox is made of natural herbs and herbal extracts. Forget about harmful, toxic chemicals and embrace the soothing power of nature!
    • Detox Through Sweat
      PureDetox is a revolutionary detox foot patch that can greatly increase your sense of wellbeing. PureDetox supports the body's natural way of removing toxins through activated sweat glands.
    • Holistic Approach
      Tackle the cause, not the symptoms - your body is riddled by toxic elements, which may harm your wellbeing and increase stress. Using sweat detox and vitamin infusion PureDetox helps you to strengthen your mind, body and soul!


    The detox patches are mostly worn under our feet because according to beliefs in Oriental medicine, our feet are considered to be the "second heart" of our bodies where many of our body's acu-points.

    It is said that they help to pump circulation of blood and lymph back up to our body. 
    With the 48 kinds of active ingredients in these foot patches help eliminate the toxins through our feet.


    Scientific Proven Ingredients

    Support Lipid Metabolism
    Kelp Extract

    Drawn from brown seaweed, kelp extract has potent antioxidant properties and has been clinically-studied to activate thermogenesis, which supports lipid metabolism and efficiently burns stubborn white fat.

    Help Curb Sugar Cravings
    Gymnema Sylvestre

    An Ayurvedic herb, Gymnema Sylvestre can be used as a part of your diet to help maintain a healthy blood sugar level and support healthy cortisol (a.k.a. stress hormone) levels.

    Support Gut Health

    An amino acid and nutrient, L-Glutamine has been studied as a crucial component in protecting the gut barrier, and may help maintain a healthy gut. When the gut barrier is healthy, the body is primed to diffuse toxins.

    Ease Bloat
    Horsetail Extract

    A naturally sourced diuretic sourced from the common horsetail plant, which helps flush out excess liquids, relieving temporary water-weight gain. This extract has been used in herbal practices dating back to ancient Roman and Greek times.

    Support Digestion
    Black Pepper

    Piperine The bioactive compound in black pepper that stimulates digestive enzymes and reduces the time it takes for food to pass through the gastrointestinal tract, promoting an overall leaner feeling and less bloat.*

    Customer Review

    Best I have used...they keep me asleep and relieve muscle pain and keep ph balance. I swear by them! These ones are wider and have a larger amount of powder, making them more effective. They also stick to my foot better, which means more gunk on my foot when I remove it but I don't mind! I sleep like a baby with these on...all night and no interruptions!

    Amanda M. Perez, Longview



    I’ve been using these gems for about a week now and it’s made a huge difference on my energy level. Every morning I wake up feeling refreshed and well’s amazing! The ultimate test was last night when my son came in and woke me up 3 times! Usually I would wake up feeling exhausted and tired, but nope! I’m still feeling great and focused. My brain is less foggy and I’m more productive. I just wished it helped with losing weight but we can’t win them all!

    Zoila J. Thomas, San Jose


    I was initially a bit hesitant to try this product. I had been dealing with the gout for 3 weeks, and had nothing to lose. I put the patches on. The really nasty picture was the gout inflamed foot. The other picture is the not inflamed foot. Woke up without pain this morning. It worked for me. I will continue to use, and share with my family.

    Amarillo,  Henderson

    This is my magic journey of using PureDetox foot patch. The detox patches really got lighter as the days goes by - toxins all filtered out of my body! I was super impressed while creating these collages and most importantly, I do feel different overall too!

    Jennifer W. Schiro, Santa Clara


    How to Use 

    Step 1:
    Place the patch at the middle of the foot. The soft side of the patch should contact the skin.

    Step 2:
    Apply the second patch on the other foot OR another part of the body you wish to remove the toxins from.

    Step 3:
    Leave the patches on for 6-8 hours. It is recommended to apply the patches before sleep.

    Step 4:
    Peel the patches off after 6-8 hours of use. Wash your feet and enjoy your improved well-being!

    Package Includes:
     1 Pack (10pcs) x Detoxify Wormwood Anti Swelling Foot Patch
    3 Packs (30pcs) x Detoxify Wormwood Anti Swelling Foot Patch
    5 Packs (50pcs) x Detoxify Wormwood Anti Swelling Foot Patch



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