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    TatOFF 4 Weeks Tattoo Removing Creme

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    Let's see what our happy customers have to say for TatOFF 4 Weeks Tattoo Removal Cream!

    I've had my tattoo for almost 9 years now. I never went to touch up the colors so the tattoo has been looking a little worn off. I wanted to get the ink off my feet. But I just don't have that kind of money for lasers. That's when I came across TatOFF. I recorded the results before using and after using it for 3 weeks. The pigmentation has mostly faded away, just a little line on the side of the design. I'm going to keep using until all the colors fade away. 

    Jennifer Welson (41) Sacramento, California

    A friend introduced me to this tattoo removal cream. Unlike some other creams I've tried before, this one doesn't give me any discomfort while using. When I put this on, it has a very cool and calming feeling to it. It feels very moisturized on my skin. I've only been using this for 3 weeks and a couple more days and most of the pigments are already gone! I do have to make a disclaimer that I have to use quite a thicker layer on my tats so I've gone through around 2 to 3 tubes of these. But the results are more than satisfaction so I highly recommend it!  

    Gerard Miller, 38, Jacksonville Florida


    The Key Secret to Tattoo Removal Cream

    Instead of the costly laser treatments, TatOFF is here to provide you with a new topical treatment ointment for tattoo removals. Our patented formula can reach deep into the deep layer of your skin and remove pigments from within without needing any intrusions! 

    With an FDA-approved formulation, our cream provides a safe use for all skin types. Our cream removes all pigments on the skin by breaking down the pigments into smaller molecules, and quickly removes the tattoo pigments through the body's metabolism.


    The main active ingredient, neem oil, provides your skin with a powerful pigment fading effect as well as the antiseptic and healing properties. Most users have reported a drastic tattoo fading effect within the first 2 weeks of use. 

    Pain-free and Scar-free Remedy! No more scary laser tat removal! TatOFF is a true pampering home tattoo removal remedy that you can actually enjoy with absolutely zero pain and no intrusiveness at all!


    The Key Ingredients for Tattoo Removal

    • Neem Oil - For Tattoo removal without pain or scarring studies shown that Neem Oil is safe and effective. Neem Oil helps tattoo fade naturally without causing burning or irritation to the skin.
    • Aloe Vera - Aloe vera provides you with a pampering moisturizing effect to supplement the regeneration of new skin cells, promoting faster and more healthy tattoo removal.
    • Vitamin 3 - The vitamin E provides the vital element to speed up the natural metabolism of your skin, and facilitates a faster removal for the pigments to be flushed out of your bodily system. 

    Benefits of TatOFF 4 Weeks Tattoo Removal Cream

    • Removes Pigments From The Bottom
    • Pain-free and Scar-free Remedy
    • Lasting Moisture Pamper
    • Perfect for any skin types
    • Safe and skin-loving ingredients
    • Fast-acting formulation
    • Speeding up the cell replacement
    • Effective results in just 4 weeks

    "TatOFF 4 Weeks Tattoo Removal Cream Changed my life!"

    DAY 1 - This tattoo on my arm is now 11 years old. The ink is still good but it kinda fades a little. At first I don't want to remove it but i'm not happy with the design anymore and want to remove and change it to something new. This tattoo removal cream was recommend by my friend who also tried this product.

    WEEK 2 - As can you see on the image, this is week 2 of using this product. Applying it on tattooed area twice a day. The progress is really impressive. 

    WEEK 4 - After 4 weeks or almost a month using this product here now the result. My tattoo is now totally removed and I really love it. This is really effective no pain and more affordable one. 

    At first I'm really curious how this product works. Planning to do laser treatment for my tattoo but gladly I found this cream on internet. After a month of continuously using my tattoo on my hand totally fades. It saves my wallet for expensive laser treatment.

    HOW TO USE: 

    1. Clean the area and dry thoroughly before applying. 
    2. Apply TatOFF onto the tattooed area evenly in thin layer. 
    3. Massage gently until totally absorbed. 
    4. For better result, use a warm towel to cover the area prior to applying TatOFF; cover the area with cling film after application and continue to put the warm towel over the area. 
    5. Use TatOFF persistently everyday until achieved the desired result.  


    • Volume: 13g


    • 1* TatOFF 4 Weeks Tattoo Removal Cream



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